Free resources NZ

NZ beat us at rugby {just) now this!
Anyone followed the link in the summer 2018 Accolade?
Now that’s what I call support for teachers and students. Fast track bridge for beginners and improvers so far. Student Notes, Teachers notes, PowerPoint, quiz sheets and prepared hands. (not quite so sure about the Youtube videos) All for free!!!!! You appear to be able adapt the PowerPoint to your own needs.
Well done NZ Bridge


  • Thanks for this link. Creating powerpoints is a big task. From the few I looked at some would need a bit of adjustment to comply with the EBED Books.

  • Powerpoint. Yes it took me 2 book1 classes and 2 book 2 classes to develop 60+ animated supporting presentations and I still tweak them every time. There was nothing equivalent to NZ when I started.
    I thought the NZ presentations formed a good base for Fast Track

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