MyEbu off line 9th November to 12th November

I have been sent a copy of an e-mail from Peter Stockdale, saying that MyEBU will be off line from Friday 9th (mid-morning) until Monday the 12th provided the system update goes ok. I am not sure whether we will have access to the teachers area, perhaps someone could confirm the situation. If we do not have access then I would suggest that any training prep you need for the next two weeks should be completed over the next few days to avoid upset.

Best wishes


  • Hi Chaz,

    I'm afraid you're right in thinking that the Teachers' Zone will not be accessible during the MyEBU off-line time.

    An e-mail will go out to all EBU members today (the one you refer to was sent to clubs) and I've asked for this particular issue for teachers to be noted specifically in that e-mail.


  • The Teachers' Zone will still be accessible - it's just that you won't be able to find out where it is if you can't log in to My EBU. If you bookmark the URL now you'll be able to access it over the weekend.

  • Oh yes it works

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