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Tonight one of our students was a bit perplexed. The booklet he had received to welcome him to the EBU was making him feel out of his depth. The quiz set by Julian Pottage was very stiff and the student only managed one correct answer. I had a quick look and noticed that the first question was about using stayman. I know this student was on the FastTrack scheme but thought it was a bit previous to put such a quiz in a welcome pack. The quiz itself might be excellant (I didn't look at it all, no time to spare on fast Track) but I had to spend a bit of time building up the students confidence and tell him that he should avoid all such quizzes until the "course" had been completed. It may be that there is some sort of acknowledgement that the quiz should not be attempted until the course is finished. However, wouldn't it be better not to do this as it undermines the hard work put in by teachers.

I am also slightly worried now as to what the remainder of the booklet includes and would suggest the teachers should have access to a copy (on-line preferably) so that we can prepare for any other upset that might occur. (if it is on-line could someone point me in the right direction as I don't have time to go lokking for it).



  • Hi Chaz, the quiz you refer to was in the most recent English Bridge magazine which doesn't normally go out in the introductory pack for students. It will have been sent separately from that. The magazine is not described anywhere as for students, and in fact the section is entitled "Club Bidding Quiz" so it's definitely not intended for students but more experienced club players. As the magazine is the EBU's main publication for all bridge players, the quiz doesn't refer to the level of experience required beyond the title. If you'd like to see it is available through your MyEBU page (the quiz is on p. 14). English Bridge does contain articles for students, and all the articles are colour coded, with articles with green banners the least complicated ones.

    In the student introductory pack, which your student will have received if he registered via one of the forms included in the Bridge for All books, is a copy of the Ruffian, our magazine designed for students. The quizzes and articles in the Ruffian have advice on which levels of students will find them helpful and which will not, to avoid the struggles you are referring to.

  • Hi thanks for the prompt reply.

    The magazine that the student received was not the EBU magazine and the first question (on stayman) was not the one in the EBU magazine on page 14 (the answers were on page 21 not page 62 as per the EBU magazine) The hand for question 1 was different (it had four spades and five hearts headed by the Jack. I can't remeber the rest apart from the outer colour of the A5 sized magazine was green (darkish). I an fairly sure that the front said something like "welcome to the EBU". As I said I didn't have much time to review everything as other students were arriving and had to tell the student that they shouldn't overly worry about doing badly at this stage. Also we only sent the students form in to the EBU in the last two weeks.

    So can you tell us what goes out to the students so that we can at least prepare for this. The student I am referring to is trying to do well. He has made attempts to play bridge in a club after teaching sessions whilst on a cruise. He realises that his knowledge isn't enough but doesn't cope with setbacks well.

    It might help if we tried to keep informal on this forum (limited to teachers and "approved") as DEmerson is not readily known to me. On the TD forum Robin and Gordon both indicate their "standing" in the user name. Just a thought.


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    Hi Chaz,

    Point taken on my username - hopefully it's now changed to something that shows my role in the forum (I'm the Education & Youth Officer for EBED).

    I've found the quiz you're referring to now, apologies for my mistake before. The Student welcome pack includes a copy of The Ruffian (as mentioned above), a leaflet about EBED and the services they provide and the Welcome to the EBU leaflet which we're talking about. It's designed as what it says in the title, so goes to all EBU members, so some of the material was not necessarily written with new players in mind.

    Thanks for bringing this up and we'll consider the contents of the welcome pack going forward and whether this non-specific leaflet should continue to be included (it obviously does include other useful information about the benefits and features of EBU membership).

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