Typeface; Font size

Just a little problem. I have noticed that the font size of posts some of us have made are a bit small and yet when the post is quoted the font size is increased. The small font size just makes it a little difficult to read particularly as the font colour is very grey. At my age any help to read is a must and very much appreciated.



  • Well just look at that! Is it the follow up posts that give a problem?


  • Well no chnges on my laptop between first and second post but look at the difference.


  • Hey Chaz

    My understanding is the font size and font colour for Headings and Posts are pre-set within the programme for our forum application. I've had a little look around to see if its possible to change this within our personal preferences but sadly to no avail... My only contribution would be to enlarge your screen size.

    Thx Claire

  • Yes have done that but next door neighbour has asked me to "turn it down". LOL!!

    We don't have the same problem on the TD forum.
    best wishes

  • I hadn't realised that the different colour schemes had different font sizes. I've changed it to one with the same size as the EBU forum, so hopefully this is a bit better.

  • Thank you Michael.

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