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Teachers Directory

Below is a spreadsheet giving information of all EBTA teachers who have asked for their details to be shared. By the end of the summer of 2018, EBED will have developed a web based searchable database of teachers to replace the spreadsheet. If you would like your details included or deleted from the list, please contact David Emerson by email at and we will action your request as soon as possible.

You can access our searchable directory here.

How to Use the Directory

To search the directory you will need to "Enable Editing" in Microsoft Excel. You may then be prompted asking whether you want to open the document as read-only. Click "No" and you will be able to search the directory.

Each column on the directory can be searched or filtered using the drop down menu to the right of each column heading. For instance, to find all the teachers in your region:

  • Click on the downwards arrow next to the heading "Region".
  • Click on the tick next to "(Select All)" which will deselect all the regions.
  • Find your region on the list and click in the box next to it to select just that region (or click a number of boxes to search in more than one region).
  • Click the "OK" button and only the teachers in the selected region(s) will appear.

NB - Buckinghamshire comes under Berks & Bucks, Huntingdonshire under Cambs & Hunts, Cheshire under Merseyside & Cheshire and Co. Durham and Northumberland are grouped together as North-East.

If a teacher is described as EBED Trained, they have attended one of our Club Teacher Training courses.

Teacher Categories Explained

Associate - Any paid-up member of EBTA can be in this category.

Full - The first category requiring a formal assessment, which includes an observation of the teacher "in action," as well as a test of bridge knowledge and other requirements. Candidates must have attended an EBED Club Teacher Training course.

Professional - EBTA's highest category of teachers, for which candidates must have five years' teaching experience, at least two years of which must be through bridge teaching specifically. Skills are assessed through a six-month Personal Development Log, showing ongoing commitment to teaching excellence, as well as further tests and an interview.