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The National Learning Programme

They are refreshed, revived, relevant, bang up to date and selling like hot cakes.
They are also very pretty!

Many of our teachers will be familiar with our much loved course work books Beginning Bridge and Continuing Bridge which have been in print since 1997.

Over the summer they had a major overhaul to make them more relevant to today’s playing systems. Still rooted in the popular Standard English 4-card major, weak no trump system we have now introduced weak two openings as a first option.

Book One covers the first 60 hours of learning gently taking the student through all the stages from mini bridge to the final chapter entitled ‘The Plot Thickens’ which includes Stayman and Blackwood.

Book Two consolidates the basics and is often used as a year two onward development programme.

Priced at £26*, they can be purchased directly from EBED. Members of EBTA (English Bridge Teachers Association) may purchase them at a discounted price of £19* (* - plus P&P).

Copies may be ordered by ringing Lisa on 01296 317217.