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Health and Wellbeing Research

EBED are pleased to be involved with ground-breaking research into the health and wellbeing benefits of playing bridge.

We have partnered with academics at Stirling University to undertake a number of projects, aimed at investigating ‘brain health’ and finding ways of supporting ‘healthy ageing’ through promoting cognitive activities such as playing bridge.

More information on the work to date, and our future projects, is available here.

Whilst EBED is making a significant financial investment in the undertaking of these projects, and volunteers are giving their time and energy to driving the projects forward, more assistance is needed. We hope you will be willing to make a donation to help us carry out future stages of our work and ensure they are completed to optimum effect. If you wish to make a regular, or one-off donation, please use the form below to donate through CAF Donate.

To make a donation towards our other projects, please use this page.